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1350 Calorie Diet Meal Plan

A 1350 calorie diet meal plan is not a stringent one as there are plans which allow you to only 800 calories per day. It is hard to sustain such low calorie plans as they will deprive you off from getting essential nutrients and also energy. Women with average body weight require 1600 to 2400 calories per day based on their level of activity and age. Men with average body weight should consume from 2200 calories to 3000 calories per day as per the National Institute of Medicine. If you are thinking of following a low calorie diet to lose weight, you will have to check with your health care provider.

Busy people who have weight issues hardly find time to follow their own diet plan or cook their own diet meal. These people can take help of meal delivery programs like Nutrisystem which completely eliminates the hassle of checking portion sizes or calories. For more information about the Nutrisystem diet plan you can visit Moreover, the meals are delivered home in a prepackaged condition in microwavable pouches. The dieters have to just reheat the pouches and eat the meals during appropriate meal times. When you provide your details like body weight, height and other information that the diet planner asks, you will be advised a diet plan to follow by the diet planner. You will be following the starter kit which contains Turbo Take off meals for a month. The meals included in this kit are designed to accelerate your weight loss process.

Like any other diet plan, the 1350 calorie diet meal plan also will include one food for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. You can choose two desserts and snacks per day and include fresh fruits and vegetables to the meals as they do not add many calories to your daily intake. For breakfast you can add foods that amount to 300 calories and choose a different meal daily to have variety. Likewise you can fill your lunch plate with fresh salads, sandwiches, chicken or Tuna.