Month: September 2018

The Best Tips For a Happy, Healthy Weekend

It is Friday and the thought that the weekend is here almost sends everyone into “planning the weekend” mode. However, what is your idea of a weekend? Is it late night dinners, night rides, partying with friends & family, catching up on all new releases, lots of TV, or a weekend getaway maybe? Well, to be honest, this is exactly what many people perceive an ideal weekend to be. With cultural differences and lifestyle changes, most people’s idea of a weekend is precisely this.

However, do you think this is how a weekend should be? Could you make your weekend a bit healthier yet happier? Here are some tips on how you can have a happy and healthy weekend.

  1. Spend more time outdoors and try to connect with nature. Did you know that simply walking on a lawn of fresh grass barefoot could do wonders to your feet, if done on a regular basis? Try such natural relaxing therapies.
  2. Learn something new. You could join a class of maybe painting, aerobics, dancing, or anything that you feel will help you rejuvenate. This will help you meet new people, take up a hobby, feel more relaxed, and help you stay healthy in both mind and body.
  3. Play games. You do not have to catch up with friends over dinners or late night slumber parties. Rather you could arrange a playdate. It could be any outdoor sports such as badminton, basketball, or volleyball or some indoor games such as a game of Pictionary, Taboo, Monopoly, or Scrabble. While outdoor games keep you physically fit, indoor games could help your focus and improve the way you think.
  4. Most importantly, eat right and drink plenty. We are not talking about eating junk food or boozing and getting in and out of the Ontario drug rehabs but eating healthy food and drinking plenty of good fluids such as water and natural juices.

A healthy body is indeed a happy body.…

How does your Dogs Bed Affect it’s Health

While the greater part of us don’t consider our bed as a loved belonging, it is presumably the last household items we could ever think about living without.

The best bed for your dog gives protection, warmth, bolster for our joints and backs, and a sentiment of safety. At the point when a canine has her very own bed, she gets these advantages.

At the point when pet guardians ask what things they have to buy for their pooch, a great puppy bed is dependable at the highest priority on the rundown. Pooch beds are critical; indeed, beds are basic for all puppies paying little heed to age, breed, or size. Canine beds give imperative advantages:


Canine beds help the puppy to stay away from the chill floor all year. Particularly during winter, numerous canines love to twist up in a settling compose bed which gives warmth and great wellbeing.

Protection and safety

Beds provide the pooch personal areas to withdraw when required. They would cherish to have personal places to retreat to.

Padding for joints and bones

For older or obese fish’s having a delicate padded place to lie down will be essential. Specially designed beds will provide additional joint solace.

Expanded control over free hair and dander

Puppy beds tend to gather the shed dander and hair in one area making it easier to clean. Pet owners prefer to have multiple bed covers to wash and replace.

Damage avoidance

It also avoids bruises caused due to bumping around the furniture. It’s beneficial for senior dogs and littler breeds.

Insurance, comfort, and safety for outside pooches

Mutts who invest a lot of energy outside require a bed just like the inside pooches. One which gives extreme, water-safe solace in any area.

It provides numerous advantages and assume an extensive part in your pet’s continuous wellbeing and fulfillment. Pick the right bedding economical and according to your financial plan.…

How To Lose 10 Pounds In Three Weeks?

Losing 10 pounds in 3 weeks would certainly require an extra effort from you along with dedication and commitment to fulfill the goal. You can check the progress on a daily basis and understand how you are advancing towards the goal. Weight loss requires more than diet and exercise though they are the essential fundamental requirements. Experts recommend that losing from 1 to 2 pounds a week to be the healthy weight loss ratio. This you can achieve by expending more calories that what you intake on a daily basis.

In order to shed one pound from your body you will have to create a deficit of 3500 calories through a combination of diet and exercise. You will have to burn from 500 to 1000 calories per day to arrive at this deficit. Therefore, to lose 10 pounds in three weeks, you will have to create a shortfall of 35000 calories in three weeks. To satisfy the ratio, you will have to burn 1666 calories per day which is a bit higher than the safe weight loss ratio. When you sign up for weight loss programs like Nutrisystem you will lose weight as per the recommended weight loss ratio. Read the article at  which compares Nutrisystem with its competitor and helps you know the benefits of following Nutrisystem plans. The program provides Turbo 13 plan in the first month which helps you jumpstart your weight loss journey and experience maximum weight loss of up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month itself.

When trying to lose weight you will have to be smart enough in choosing foods that you would be consuming which leads to quicker weight loss. Choosing low fat dairy options will not add calories to your daily consumption as they are devoid of saturated fat. Likewise, choosing lean meat against red meat helps you build lean muscle mass while losing weight. Including lots of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet keeps you feeling full for a longer time.