Day: October 3, 2018

How to Maximize the Flavor & Health Benefits of Tea

Drinking a hot tea in cold season or during hot days taking a sip of iced is quite refreshing. But are you aware that drinking tea is good for your body. There are various studies shows that drinking tea regularly helps in lowering the risk of diabetes and Alzheimer’s. In addition to this, it helps in getting healthier gums, teeth and stronger bones. The pain in bones is inevitable as you grow old. You need to apply the best cbd oil for pain. Below mentioned are few ways through which you can maximize the effect and flavor of the tea.

Begin making tea with filtered or spring water- This water has the ideal content level of minerals. The mineral contents in the water create off-flavors as and when it gets contacted with tea leaf’s compounds whereas, distilled water that is free of minerals produces a brew that is flat-tasting.

Turn the heat to the appropriate level- Use boiling water with a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to brew darker-colored, herbal and black teas. Use cooler water with a temperature between 170 to 180 degree Fahrenheit for lighter and white oolong teas.  Water that is streaming with bubbles will helps in releasing those compounds in tea which gives complexity and color to tea. But you need to be careful as high doses would produce astringent flavors.

Just use enough amount of tea- Use two teaspoon for one cup of water when you brew the teas with bigger flowers or leaves like chamomile or green tea and one teaspoon for one cup of teas which has compact, denser leaves like black teas.

Steep long enough so that it releases flavors– You need to steep just enough or else the tea will taste bitter.  White, green and lighter teas are delicate and it requires at least 3 minutes.