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12 Health Tips for Men shaving

You might like your beard longer than the hair on your head or less than your brow, it doesn’t really matter. Every man from young to old requires a beard trimmer sometime in all his life. Even sheep are shaved & pets are groomed. This goes for all ages, sizes & species. If you haven’t used it you’d better try it out now. Here are 12 basic tips on What to consider buying a new beard trimmer so read on …

Tip # 1: Brand Name as this implies Quality product.

Tip # 2: Price as it should be within your budget.

Tip # 3: Levels of Speed of the Beard Trimmer.

Tip # 4: Guide for various beard length & sizes.

Tip # 5: Accessories like inter-changeable beard guard.

Tip # 6: Duration / length of time the device will last / number of working hours.

Tip # 7: Blade type, size, and maintenance in case you have to replace them.

Tip # 8: Number of batteries required if trimmer works with batteries.

Tip # 9: Charge Level Indicator / optional power chord trimmer

Tip # 10: The time the beard trimmer batteries take to charge up before use.

Tip # 11: The time/volts/ wattage the beard trimmer takes if requires power charge.

Tip # 12: If it has unique features like vacuum and/ or turbo functioning for speed & suction.

In addition to all of the above basic steps to help you select the good beard trimmer that will suit your purpose and keep up with your investment, some people look for style and fashion. There are some beard trimmers that will give you an automatic side locks or goatee by design. So do an extensive research for such products.