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Pros And Cons Of High Protein Diet

High protein diet helps you lose weight fast. People who have to lose weight in a short period of time usually go for high protein diet. Some people follow a high protein diet for an indefinite period. Following a high protein diet has its own pros and cons. It is essential that you weight them thoroughly to determine if the high protein diet is suitable for you. However, when you follow programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and Medifast, they ensure that you receive a high protein diet. Usually they deliver high protein breakfasts that keep you satiated for a long time. Nutriystem seems to be offering convenient diet plans for its dieters among other diet planners in the market. You can go through the comparison review at to decide the most suitable diet plan for you.

Pros of high protein diet

It is best recommended for beginners as it offers fast initial weight loss. When following a high protein diet, the dieters also lose water weight which is likely to come back when they start eating more carbohydrates. This initial quick weight loss is motivating for many of the dieters and boosts their self confidence. This also helps them to stay with the plan. Many people following a high protein diet also experience reduced cholesterol levels. It is good as cholesterol causes obesity. As protein takes longer time to digest, the dieters keep feeling full for a longer time.

Cons of high protein diet

After the initial stage of weight loss in following a high protein diet, people experience increase in LDL cholesterol which is referred as bad type. As the body does not receive sufficient carbohydrates to produce energy it turns into a ketosis state. Though this yields weight loss it gives side effects like headaches and irritability. Apart, high protein diets usually have high unhealthy saturated fats and do not include healthy fruits and vegetables.